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Watching a 4th of July Parade in Californ-i-a

Published on: July 03, 2012

Any Town California –It doesn’t matter if the parade is big or small this 4th of July 2012. Watching the people watching the parade can be as interesting and entertaining as the parade, itself. 4th of July parades in California are fairly low-tech affairs consisting of Scout troops, Indian Guides, military heroes and veterans, sparkly floats, equestrian units, and you gotta’ have the bands playing patriotic songs. It’s a must!

We’ve scoured to find over 20 great parades throughout the state. We haven’t discovered all of them and noticed that several dropped out from last year. If you aren’t very far from one, do go see it! And if you can’t make it this 4th of July, the next best bet for a parade in your town comes around Christmas when there are over 100 parades throughout the state.

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