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Say Happy Valentine’s Day To the Wine You Love at California Collectives

Published on: February 14, 2020


California continues to outrank and outpace every state in the U.S. for the production of wines. And it also leads the way in the state of wine collectives.

“Collective” denotes a number of persons or things considered as one group or whole

“Collective” also can be formed by collecting such as an aggregate

“Collective” can be a cooperative unit or organization

California Wine Collectives

A popular trend–a shift from the traditional wine tasting experience of venturing between wineries–makes it easier for customers to sample a wide range of varietals and styles – and in less time. While consumers can go to hundreds (if not thousands) of tasting rooms, collectives are often formed by a group of wineries wanting only their wines offered, to the exclusion of non-participating wineries.  The term, collective, is also used instead of “tasting room,” for marketing purposes. Collectives aren’t shy about telling you about their wines and who they represent.


LODI: Lodi Wine & Visitor Center

NAPA: Alpha Omega Collective Napa

NAPA: Vintner’s Collective

NOVATO: Trek Wines

PASO ROBLES: Wines of the West

PETALUMA: Incavo Wine Collective

PHILO: The Madrones Tasting Rooms

PLYMOUTH: Amador 360 Winery Collective

SAN FRANCISCO: Winery Collective

SAN RAFAEL: Incavo Wine Collective

SANTA BARBARA: The Santa Barbara Wine Collective

SANTA CRUZ:  The Surf City Vintners

SARATOGA: Ruthe Roberts Wine Collective

SONOMA: The Panel

YOUNTVILLE: K. Laz Wine Collection


Another great way to sample wines in one location is through festivals where wineries come together in one place, allowing you to experience many wines without having to drive all over the countryside.  On Valentine’s Day weekend several such events include: Santa Ynez Valley’s Wine Country Weekend and Sonoma’s Garagiste, Northern Exposure.


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