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A Beautiful Baby – California Leads Sperm Bank Way

Published on: April 27, 2013


Do you want your little bundle of joy to look like a Hollywood celeb so he will have a better chance in life? Don’t leave it to chance. California leads the way in sales of sperm for making babies and one company even lets you pick which Hollywood celeb actor you want your child to look like. The sperm donors aren’t actually actors in most cases, but they are described as looking like known actors. To qualify to be a donor, sperm banks often look for 18 -28 year old guys who look like well known stars. They also look for “college material” and prefer young gents who are students at institutions of higher learning. Of course they don’t want drinkers or smokers, and definitely no drug users at the most discriminating banks. So what does it cost to have a little Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, or other adorably handsome child? You can browse online and see the menu of items and prices at California Cryobank (

Want to give it away?  A nice-enough looking guy, an electronics engineer from Oakland named Trent Arsenault has given his sperm away for free. The bachelor who professes a strong religious upbringing and sees his sperm giveaways as acts of compassion was told to stop.  The U.S. government wants the 30-something man who has fathered over 14 children through free donations of his semen that he advertises over the Internet to quit, presumably because his give-aways lack the standards of testing and control that clinics offer.


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