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Published on: July 13, 2015


Have you ever had your beach umbrella topple in the afternoon winds?  The Beachbub (beach umbrella base) is a handy product that you fill with sand, securing umbrellas in winds up to 40mph. This product works on the same principle as patio umbrella stands requiring sand. See

Girl trunks: Annette Kellerman was the first woman in the U.S. to break the swimsuit barrier. In 1907 the competitive swimmer was arrested for wearing a one piece suit.  Today the beaches are filled with bikini-clad girls, moms and grannies who would have been arrested on the spot for indecent exposure 100 years ago!  While the history of the bikini is quite fascinating, women who don’t want to wear them at California beaches  can wear girl trunks. With lightweight microfiber for quick drying, they come in waste sizes up to 44 inches and can be accessorized with halter and tank tops of the same fabric. Don’t give up ocean dips or competitive swims that Kellerman fought so hard to win in the name of women.   See:


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