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Beautiful Bird Festivals 2018 California

Published on: January 07, 2018


Pictured is a scene from Chico, California’s Snowgoose Festival

Do you ever take time to watch birds or listen to their sounds? 2018 is the year to take note — it’s  the “Year of the Bird.”

The centennial of the most powerful and important bird-protection law ever passed, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, is being celebrated around the world through a National Geographic promotion to protect birds for the next 100 years. Pursuant to Federal regulations it is illegal to take, possess, import, export, transport or sell any migratory bird, its nest or eggs. As of latest count there are 2,196 protected bird species on the migration list.

Migration Flyways

  • There are 4 flyways in North America: Pacific, Central, Mississippi and Atlantic.
  • California is in the Pacific Flyway.
  • California Flyway projects in 2018 include: Aleutian Canada goose mark-resight survey in March, plus goose capture and re-marking in San Joaquin Valley in Fall.
  • Biologists band more than 200,000 ducks and nearly 150,000 geese and swans in North America each year.

California Bird Festivals

  • Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival Jan. 12-15, 2018
  • Salton Sea Bird Festival Jan.13-14
  • Galt Winter Bird Festival Jan.20
  • Chico Snowgoose Festival Jan.24-28
  • Davis Yolo Basin Duck Days Feb.24
  • San Diego Bird Festival Feb.21-25
  • Bakersfield Spring Nature Festival Mar.3-4
  • Borrego Springs Desert Birding Festival Mar.14-16
  • Arcata Godwit Days Apr.18-24
  • Point Reyes Birding & Nature Festival Apr.27-29
  • Owens Lake Bird Festival Apr.27-29
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