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Published on: March 28, 2016


Irwindale’s Renaissance Pleasure Fair (April 2-May 15, 2016) with events such as “Green Eggs and Hamlet”, a tragicomic mix of Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss, exemplifies scholars’ claims that English Renaissance is a modern invention lacking a real tie to the artistic achievements and aims of the Italian Renaissance. Does anybody care? “Ren” fairs are fantasy events in which people get dressed up in costumes and pretend. There’s drinking, dancing, games, jousting, knights in armor, music and merry-making. Guests are encouraged to ‘ditch’ personal devices for maximum ‘authenticity’ and interaction with others. Whatever these popular festivals represent, they resonate with Californians looking for simpler times and an Age of Enlightenment.

Upcoming Ren Fairs in California

IRWINDALE: Renaissance Pleasure Faire April 2-May 15, 2016
FREMONT: Tartan Day April 2
SAN JOSE: Fantasy Faire April 9-10
VISALIA:Tulare County Renaissance Festival April 23-24
ESCONDIDO: Spring Renaissance Faire April 30-May 8

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