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California Fall Color Time

Published on: September 14, 2019


As of the first weeks in September 2019 Californians are reporting that some leaf color changes are occurring in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The picture above shows a previous year’s fall foliages display.

California Fall Color is a very real event and process that beach dwellers can easily miss if they don’t know about it or go explore. Much like the avalanche of tourists who have decimated fields of wild flowers in spring blooms seen in recent years, the fall foliage phenomenon has potential to overwhelm local roads in mountain resorts, though that’s really not been much of a problem so far.

Snowfall just around the bend is what typically draws thrill-seekers and adventurers to the mountain elevations for winter sports activities that occur shortly after the fall foliage displays disappear.

Having grown up in the Midwest U.S., fall leaf changes were a very big part of our observations of the seasons. When leaves changed from green to yellow, orange, red or brown we knew it was time to look for sweaters, coats and hats that we’d be wearing in a matter of days or weeks.

In California, you can live by the beach and rarely see fall foliage, thanks to all the palm trees swaying in breeze year-round. The majority of Californians do, in fact, live within 50 miles of the coast and don’t experience the splendor that other Californians have kept as their hidden secret.

Thanks to the likes of John Poimiroo, creator of website, the rest of us are catching on that California does have leaf peeping opportunities. While some claim that they rival the famous East Coast Fall Colors attractions in states such as Vermont, you quickly learn that the Golden State offers a different type of attraction. Check out John’s website and send him your reports!


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