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California Pear Season Blossoms

Published on: July 28, 2013


Today, July 28, 2013, the fun-loving people of Courtland, California participate in a parade and host a festival paying homage to pears. They call it the Courtland Pear Fair ( and the event celebrates Bartlett pears, which the town began harvesting back on July 16. At 9 a.m. sharp people line up to purchase pear pies, and the first 25 kids whose parents get on the list participate as pear blossoms. How cute!

Throughout the Central Valley and into northern California the “gift of the gods” is being picked and shipped, and the delicious news for pear lovers is that it’s a beautiful crop in 2013. Sweet, juicy and only slightly less fruit (3rd largest) than the all-time record setting season, California pear growers ¬†are pleased as they work to harvest Bartletts, Bosc, Seckel, Comice and Red pear varieties now and in the upcoming months. Pear growers are a small, hand-picked breed that usually follow in the footsteps of their elders. Most are third-to-fifth generation growers who have a passion for pears and say that farming is in their blood.¬†Pictured are several examples:

Elliott Family (Stillwater Orchards)
Chuck Baker – fifth-generation pear farmer
Chris Frieders – fifth-generation Sacramento Valley pear orchard grower
David Weiss fourth generation farmer with a degree in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, who farms pears and wine grapes

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