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California Photographer Paula Beehner Shares Tips, Insights on Winning

Published on: March 19, 2013


Photography isn’t about just pressing the button to take a picture or even the excitement of winning awards, according to photographer Paula Beehner, who’s incredible photo of a barn was selected out of more than 500 entrants as a Sundial contest winner. According to  the Northern California-based talent whose striking images appear in magazines, museum exhibits and are sold to clients for promotional use and display, it is important to have your own style, as well as putting your work out there for others to see.  Though the self-described photo-artist puts lots of energy into her creations  (she found the barn 10 miles outside Sutter, California while scouting for unique settings,) she believes that when a person is following a true passion, the fortitude and commitment often required comes naturally.  We asked the person behind Paulasphotoart  a few questions.

paula beehner

Paula, do you have any tips for others?

“There is nothing worse than a missed opportunity–it is very important to keep your finger on the pulse of all artistic/photographic venues…” read more >

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