Paula Schultz, Award Winning Photographer


When did you start taking pictures?
It all started back in the BD days- before digital. I started out taking some photography classes at a local community college, learning the basics, composition, exposure as well as developing film, I was hooked! I even had a dark-room set up in my home. Now working digitally allows for so much more artistic ability, giving me the opportunity to create my own style, that niche.

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What is your favorite subject or place to go?
I am often asked that question and never seem to have a specific answer. I can find a photograph waiting to happen just about anywhere. I have to say that the unexpected photo ops are usually the ones that I enjoy the most. I do quite a bit of event photography I really enjoy the spontaneity of that kind of photo shoot. However; having a strong emotional content that people can relate to, perhaps with an unexpected edgy artistic twist is something I enjoy as well.

Do you have any tips for others?
As a photographer/photo-artist, I feel that it is important to have your own style, as well as putting your work out there for others to see. There is nothing worse than a missed opportunity, it is very important to keep your finger on the pulse of all artistic/photographic venues. Networking is always beneficial and always pays off. Photography is more than just pressing a button. Each photographer has their own unique view of the world, that needs to show in their photos. I believe that when a person is following a true passion, the fortitude and commitment that sometimes is required comes naturally.

Tell us a little something about your award winning photography and about the experience of winning.
I submitted my photo for the juried show that the Sundial Film Festival, in Redding Ca. sponsored. My photo was one of the winners in its respective category.

I love driving around obscure places looking for old barns, I happened to find this one about 10 miles outside Sutter California on a very cloudy day, a photographers dream come true, mine anyway. I was hoping for a different artistic angle for this shot, got it and decided to submit for the competition. Apparently they had over 500 entries but about 4 weeks later I received a phone call from the judge telling me that my photo had won! I was invited to a special VIP reception, and have my winning photo displayed in the Cascade Theatre for the next 2 months. I also received an award, and made a lot of great contacts by networking with fellow photographers. It is always great to get that validation from your peers, makes one feel that all that hard work to "get there" has paid off.


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