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Chalking One Up for Chalk Art Festivals

Published on: March 24, 2019


If you missed chalk art at last weekend’s Spring Fest in American Canyon, Chalk Art Festival in Downtown Palm Springs the weekend before, or Indio’s Art on the Square the week before that, never fear! There’s plenty more chalk art here in California. We’re chalkin’ it up as a really great year for chalk, a soft & porous limestone composed of the mineral calcite. It may not look like much in its natural form but when colored, shaped into sticks and used for art, Voila!

Chalk art festivals go by many names and take on different compositions and shapes in California. Some are for serious artists such as the annual I Madonnari at Mission Santa Barbara in May. Others are kids affairs with fun sessions that included free chalk and free admission. You’ll find one of those at Oakley’s Rock the Chalk in April.

Once you watch a chalk art event, you’ll be tempted to begin your budding art career. Here are a few chalk and street art festivals to get you enthused. Maybe you’ll spring into action!

California Chalk Art Festival

  • COVINA: Chalk Art Family Festival Apr.13, 2019
  • OAKLEY: Rock the Chalk Apr.27
  • KERNVILLE: Kernville River Festival Children’s Sidewalk Art Contest Apr.27
  • MISSION VIEJO: Arts Alive & Street Painting Festival canceled this April, returns 2020
  • SANTA BARBARA: I Madonnari May 25-27
  • TEMECULA: Art & Street Painting Festival June 8-9
  • PASADENA: Pasadena Chalk Festival June 15-16 at El Paseo
  • REDWOOD CITY: Chalk Full of Fun on the Square July 3-4
  • TEHACHAPI: Chalk on the Walk Aug.10
  • PALO ALTO: Italian Street Painting Expo Aug.24-25
  • SACRAMENTO: Chalk it Up Aug.31-Sept.2
  • VENTURA: Art & Street Painting Festival Sept.7-8
  • BAKERSFIELD: Via Arte Italian Street Painting Festival Oct.19-20
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