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Highland Citrus Harvest Festival

Published on: March 23, 2019


Today is the perfect day to remind Californians about upcoming fruit fests in California — and specifically the Highland Citrus Harvest Fruit Festival on March 30, 2019. The fun-filled event includes an Ugly Dog Contest, Citrus Eating and Pie Eating Contests, a Cool Car Show, vendors galore, Costume Contest and entertainment throughout the day.

Why is this the perfect day?

  • The bees are buzzing around the fruit blossoms, getting their fill of nectar while spreading pollen to make the fruit grow more successfully.
  • The neighbors knocked on our door offering a bag of lemons from their tree. We graciously took them, even though our own trees are dripping with lemons right now.
  • As we drive down public streets in Southern California we can see oranges sitting on sidewalks from untrimmed trees.
  • Little critters — possums, squirrels, skunks and rats — have plenty of sweets to keep them scavenging from yard to yard! If you let your fruit sit on the ground too long, you can see scratch and gnaw marks on them. Sometimes the gnarly vermin even climb trees and grab your prized apples, avocados, etc.

If you’re a fan of fruit, there’s a full calendar of festivals and events for humans to scavenge, as well. Highlights include:

  • FALLBROOK: Avocado Festival April 14, 2019
  • UPLAND: Upland Lemon Festival April 26-28
  • SANTA MARIA: Santa Maria Strawberry Festival April 26-28 and many more strawberry festivals!
  • SEBASTOPOL: Sebastopol Apple Blossom Festival April 13-14
  • BEAUMONT: Beaumont Cherry Festival May 30-June 2
  • SAN LEANDRO: ┬áSan Leandro Cherry Festival June 1
  • LAKE VIEW TERRACE: California Watermelon Festival June 29-30
  • CHICO: Slice of Chico July 12-13
  • HUNTINGTON BEACH: Old World Village Plum Fest August 25



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