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Earthlings Flying High with Low Tech Entertainment

Published on: August 09, 2019


It doesn’t take a lot to entertain us earthlings. Watch old Star Trek episodes with U.S.S. Enterprise communications officer, Uhura  (Nichelle Nichols,) wearing a colorful mini-skirt and fashionable bouffant hairdo.  Low-tech, “futuristic” fun is a stratospheric blast! If you don’t believe me, head for Bridgeville, California to celebrate the annual BridgeFest Aug.17, 2019, complete with a UFO contest.

19th annual Intergalactic Flying Saucer Trials

  • Aliens fly their ships off the old bridge.
  • Humans make their own UFOs and launch them, as well.
  • Both species try to hit a teeny, weeny circle… closest wins.
  • Pot’n’Rock 50/50 game involves throwing rocks off the old bridge to try and hit a Pot way down on the river bed.

While aliens and earthlings battle it out for top honors in Humboldt County (also home to Bigfoot Days Festival Aug.31 in Willow Creek,) all eyes are to the skies for Wings Over Camarillo Aug.17-18. Aerial displays include vintage WWII aircraft, plus the high-tech Lightning Formation Airshow Team with an Experimental RV Aircraft doing formation maneuvers similar to Blue Angels.

That air show is one of several great August air shows and military themed events such as San Pedro’s Fleet Week beginning Aug.30.

The Blue Angels, America’s premier aerial showmen who fly a fleet of F/A-18 A Hornet aircraft, are back in California for shows in Lemoore, Miramar, Sacramento and San Francisco this Fall.

If you doubt that futuristic entertainment is big in California, feast your eyes on Disneyland’s $1 billion Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction in Anaheim. Sure, it’s a mere drop in the bucket compared to NASA’s Space Shuttle program, but the point is that we humans are dreamers… “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

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