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Bridgefest & Flying Saucer Contest

BRIDGEVILLE: August 19, 2023, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

UFOs, Aliens Welcome

The event takes place the third Saturday in August on Planet Earth. 

Bridgeville Community Center

Pictured: BridgeFest UFO Souvenir T-shirt modeled by Dave Vegliano and designed by artist in residence Tim Garvey. 

Music by Melange, Hunz at the Golden Gate, Jenni & Dave & the Sweet Soul Band, Still Water, and Knights of the Van Duzen

My Favorite Alien Costume contest
Art & Crafts
Benefit Raffle
Bridgefest quilt
BBQ with the Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Department
Annual Dirt Muster
Kids Zone
Out of this World Homemade Blueberry Pies

"Let the games begin!" August has arrived and so have Alien friends from way out there somewhere! Have FUN and play on the old bridge, listen to live music from five bands, shop our crafty vendors, consume vast quantities of blueberry pie and BBQ, attempt the dirt bag muster, parade around in great costumes, try your luck with a really huge raffle, toss your very own homemade flying saucer off the bridge, and just hang out with friends and those spacey characters from "out there".

They say that Bigfoot may be a creature from a different dimension or planet tuning into the earth experience. Such theories about in Bigfoot Country where an annual festival celebrates the illusive creature. But that's nearly 100 miles, 2 hours by car and a world away from Bridgeville where aliens have landed!

At Bridgeville's Bridgefest and Flying Saucer Contest, aliens and humans gather on the old Bridgeville bridge each year to determine once and for all who the flying Saucer Contest Champion and Grand Emperor of the Universe is. Aliens and UFOs invade a peaceful town of humans who gather to enjoy music, food, vendors selling earthly wares, and out-of-this-world fun.

BridgeFest is a galactic event in which all intergalactic species come together for a higher purpose. It's a time to compare antenna and new advances made on your flying saucer craft. BridgeFest Flying Saucer Contest Flying Saucer Registration starts at 11:30 am, no entries accepted after 1:00 pm.

Flying Saucer Trials Rules and Procedures: The Object of the event is to earn points by having a crew that communicates well with Earthlings and a flashy looking saucer rig that flies long and lands accurately from a launch off the bridge.

The Flying Saucer
1. The flying saucer must be a disk shape.
2. Flying saucers shall remain intact upon landing.
3. The flying saucer's weight shall be no more than 2 ounces for every inch in diameter.
4. Saucers shall be not less than 6 inches nor exceed 24 inches in diameter.
5. The saucer shall have an accessible cabin that contains a representation of each member of the crew and an operations manual.
6. Only one saucer per crew.
7. No modified Frisbees, baseballs, Aerobes, Koosh, or any commercially manufactured toys or sporting equipment.
8. The use of recycled materials is encouraged.
9. The flying saucer must be built to derive its forward flight momentum directly from the hand of the crew member.

The Crew
1. Each crew shall consist of only two individuals of like minds and spirit with a catchy name.
2. To allow for communication and guidance, crews shall be equipped with fully exposed head mounted antenna.

Entries are judged for style and design with each crew member responsible for one launch of their rig from the designated launching pad on the bridge. These two launches will be consecutive and will be scored immediately. 4. The judges will give a score to each crew based on style of launch, costumes of crew members, antennae, and pre-launch performance. Each crew will be allotted 3 minutes of time to communicate whatever they wish to the eagerly watching Earthlings and the judges, each of whom can award up to 20 points for your show. Points are awarded for proximity to the landing zone, for a cool looking rig, creative recycling of materials, creative representation of the crew, cabin, and operations manual. Points are also earned for costumes, antennae, pre-launch ritual, and graceful launch of the saucer.

BridgeFest is located in the town of Bridgeville, CA, on Highway 36 approx. 12 miles north-northeast of Weott.

Events are not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to confirm before going.

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