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Festival Celebrates Monarchs & More

Published on: April 26, 2014


By C. MacDonald

The annual Spring Festival at Huntington Beach’s Shipley Nature Center recently featured a Maypole Dance, parade,┬ásaving water, recycling, and understanding butterflies, including how to save the Monarchs.

Outside on the beautiful trail in the 18-acre paradise at Central Park, 17851 Golden West St., butterflies flew from plant to plant. Inside the special Butterfly House, kids were able to get real close to a colorful Painted Lady, Buckeye and Monarch to see them eating nectar juice from a watermelon.

“After the event, kids are selected to release each butterfly,” explained Joe Cruz, who with his son, Joe, wife Priscilla and friend, Bette Shilling, were helping educate future generations on the need to understand and help butterflies survive.

“Because of development…read more>

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