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Fireworks and Flags, As American as the Chinese Revolution

Published on: April 17, 2012

Photo: Huntington Beach 4th of July Parade, the largest parade west of the Mississippi, is one of many parades throughout California on Independence Day.

Celebrating the 4th of July in the U.S. is as American as apple pie, hometown heros, beauty queens and our proud flag that waves in the wind with 50 stars (states)  and 13 stripes (the British colonies that broke from the U.K.) Most the American flags sold before Independence Day and throughout the year are made in China. In general China produces the cheapest priced flags. For those who are patriotic to the core and want to “buy American”, one of the best known companies making American flags is located in New York, Annin Flagmakers ( You can go on their website and find a location near you to purchase a “Made in America” American flag.

Likewise, fireworks you’ll light matches to this year are mostly made in China. Manufacturers of fireworks in the U.S. state that they produce fireworks with chemical compounds largely from China, which is believed to be the first country to invent fireworks. China does a bang up job of manufacturing fireworks that fuel the shows around the globe.  When you carry a flag or watch a fireworks show this 4th of July, your heart will be focused on the country you live in and love, though your symbols of freedom will likely come from China.

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