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Fresno Auto Show Free Admission, Family Entertainment, 2014 Models

Published on: October 25, 2013


New 2014 car models pictures include Corvette Stingray, Acura RLX and Mercedes-Benz CLA.  Which car has the lowest base price? Can you guess? Base prices of cars above: Stingray $51,995; Acura $49,345; Mercedes $30,805

Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco haven’t had their annual auto shows to unveil the 2014 models yet, and neither has Fresno. The only free car show among the lot takes place November 15-17, 2013 at Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center ( Among the attractions at this free event:

  • More than 250 of the newest car models
  • Test drives
  • Discovery Center Kids Zone with animal ambassadors, cool snakes, lizards and bugs
  • Promotions and give-aways

Tantalizing tidbits:

  • ACURA RLX 2014  is an all-new machine with increased comfort and luxury a priority for the car’s middle-aged, baby boomer target market. There’s more interior space, especially in the limo-like rear cabin, which bests the Mercedes E-Class, Audi A6, and Lexus GS. The ride is on the sporty side of comfortable.  BASE PRICE $49,345
  • CORVETTE STINGRAY 2014  includes a seventh gear pushing EPA highway mileage to 30 mpg in eco mode. Quicker than the Grand Sport, and faster than any Porsche Boxster or Cayman, its foes at the stoplight included the Jag F-type  and the Porsche 911S.
  • MERCEDES-BENZ CLA 2014 targets people who would otherwise buy a fully loaded Accord, Camry, or Fusion. Mercedes-Benz saw that at the $30,000 price point, things get interesting. The number of possible converts to Mercedes brand skyrockets!


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