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Friday the 13th, 2012 is Your Lucky Day!

Published on: July 13, 2012

Are you thinking of having a wonderful California beach wedding on Friday, July 13, 2012? Go ahead and do it! You have about a 50-50 chance of making it as a couple with odds no different than any other day.  People get married , they get divorced and women give birth to thousands of babies on Friday the 13th. Sadly, people also die, but that’s just the way things are. No concrete time or point in history actually is established as the defining moment that made Friday the 13th unlucky. Some call it urban legend, and others say it is superstition.

When  the Eagles tribute band, Lyin’ I’s, sings the song “Witchy Woman” at Alameda’s free summer Concerts at the Cove this Friday the 13th, people will be thinking how lucky they are. The only thing witchy about Friday the 13th is fear…the kind that creeps into your mind and convinces you that certain days are unlucky. In Spanish culture Tuesday the 13th is considered unlucky, so one of  California’s largest demographics thinks nothing about Friday the 13th in regard to luck. Other “unlucky” things are black cats (pity the poor cat born black,) walking under ladders or breaking a mirror. Are you haunted by these omens?  Some people actually are superstitious and believe that if it happens today, Friday the 13th,  it is especially unlucky.

Some lucky things to celebrate this Friday–the Orange County Fair opened its doors with free parking and admission! Throughout California people are celebrating their good fortune with free Friday the 13th concerts!  See details on these concerts:

  • Alameda Concerts at the Cove, Free, Fri
  • Bellflower 2012  Street Fest Concerts     Free, Fri
  • Brentwood 2012     Starry Nights     Free, Fri
  • Brisbane 2012     Concerts in the Park     Free, Fri
  • Carlsbad 2012     TGIF Jazz     Free, Fri
  • Foster City 2012     Summer Concert     Free, Fri
  • Hawaiian Gardens     Summer Concerts     Free, Fri
  • Lafayette 2012     Concerts on the Plaza     Free, Fri
  • Laguna Niguel 2012     Summer Series Concerts     Free, Fri
  • Morgan Hill 2012     Summer Concerts     Free, Fri
  • Napa 2012     Concerts Downtown     Free, Fri
  • Norco 2012     Concerts in the Park     Free, Fri
  • Oxnard 2012     Heritage Square Concerts     Free, Fri
  • Paso Robles 2012     Concerts in Park     Free, Fri
  • Redwood City 2012     Music in the Square     Free, Fri
  • Rocklin 2012     Evening Concerts     Free, Fri
  • Rosemead 2012     Rockin’ Summer Concerts     Free, Fri
  • San Luis Obispo 2012     Concerts in the Plaza     Free, Fri
  • Santa Cruz 2012     Concerts on the Beach     Free, Fri
  • Sausalito 2012     Jazz by the Bay     Free, Fri
  • Vacaville 2012     Creekwalk Concerts     $2, Fri
  • Westlake Village 2012     TGIF Concerts     Free, Fri
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