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Happy Hanukkah, California

Published on: December 05, 2017


It’s been four years since we just happened by a Menorah Lighting in Belmont Shore, the inaugural event hosted there by Shul By the Shore in December 2013 (pictured). Curious about the festivities and scene in which a guy on ladder lit an 11-foot high menorah, we joined the crowd and were introduced to the beloved Jewish tradtion celebrating Chanukah. We’d heard about dreidels and gelt and latkas, but never actually experienced the enjoyment of this holiday first-hand.

In honor of the hundreds of thousands of menorah lighting ceremonies in California, I’ve put together a list of some 50 public events where Jews, Christians, and all religions can attend Chanukah celebrations ranging from a train ride in Santa Cruz to a fantastic concert at CityWalk in Universal City. Enjoy!

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