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Is 2012 a Wipe Out for Mavericks Surf & Siskiyou Dog Sled Contests in California?

Published on: March 13, 2012

CANCELED! That’s the latest from Siskiyou Dog Sled Races that were postponed three times with high hopes that ample snow would come this week to the region near Weed. It doesn’t look promising, so event planners said, “No go,” for the dog sled races in 2012. Wanting to assure the safety of the dog teams and mushers, they said it’s just too risky. Check the website for updated information:

310 miles south out in the Pacific Ocean, time’s running out for Mavericks Big Wave surfing event where the contest only takes place if waves are approx. 30 feet or higher. Each year the offshore big wave surfing mecca looks for an opportunity from January 1 to March 31 to invite the world’s strongest & best surfers to participate. Surfers must get their tails to the event from all surfing points around the globe when waves meet the high standards set. But time’s running out with only 18 days remaining till Mavericks Surf contest becomes a wipe out. Check for updates:

In a “tail” of 2 California cities and their winter sports, it’s up to Mother Nature to deal the cards. Monster waves on the coast and powdery snow in the mountains bring liquid satisfaction to event planners and contestants. Hawaii got pounded last week with rain, but the small residue arriving on our shores has been fairly warm, soggy and not good for surfers or sledders hoping for more.

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