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It’s OK to Shop ‘Til You Drop’ – Don’t Wear High Heels in Carmel by the Sea

Published on: July 29, 2013


Pictured is a Richard MacDonald sculpture at Carmel Plaza outdoor shopping mall, and an American flag draped near the entryway to Carmel’s downtown.

It’s ironic that Carmel Plaza sells high heel shoes, especially considering that a city ordinance doesn’t allow high heels to be worn in Carmel by the Sea. ┬áProhibiting high heels due to the dangers of the cobbled sidewalks and streets is one of ┬ánumerous laws on the books that were created many years ago, but are simply not enforced today. Carmel by the Sea is slightly old-fashioned, but also high-end in terms of its cuisine, couture shops and art galleries. The next time you visit be sure to shop at the Plaza, take a walk to the beach and enjoy the charming architecture. If you think Carmel is unique in its odd law about high heels, there’s also a sign at the entrance to Seal Beach Pier in Orange County prohibiting high heels. It isn’t enforced, either.

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