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Carmel by the Sea, California Monterey Bay

Carmel by the Sea, Calif.--For the 4,000+ residents of this seaside city, Carmel is the place they love and cherish, proudly sharing it with millions of tourists who visit annually.

For visitors who come to see the beautiful village they've read and heard about, Carmel is very pretty, somewhat crowded during the peak travel season, and appeals to those who like shopping, beaches, art and dining.

Carmel is a unique city that had Clint Eastwood as its Mayor, Doris Day owning a pet-friendly hotel, and many celebrities and stars living in the city or nearby gated Pebble Beach. Most own a home or estate in the region because of the beautiful surroundings, amenities, lifestyle and luxury afforded those with ample earnings.

For the tourist, Carmel features world class golf, beaches & shops, and events throughout the year to attend and enjoy. Seasonal holiday events include Christmas festivities and concerts, and the annual Easter Egg Hunt for kids. Surrounding Carmel are more golf courses, Monterey Bay Aquarium, museums, lots of beach sports and strolls along the coast, a tradition for repeat visitors and residents who get up each morning to take a walk.

Other traditions that tourists remember and return to include tea at the Tuck Box, for instance. The English style cottage is a quaint and charming establishment that welcomes guests with hospitality.

When you get to Carmel, you'll discover that there aren't any addresses. Houses are known by names or cross-streets. Residents get their mail from the local post office, a meeting place to check up on friends and say hello. For visitors, don't worry about getting lost. Though it is possible, you'll usually find your back on track thanks to some friendly local who can help you find your way.

One of the highlights to a visit is the Carmel Mission. This is where the Father of the Mission, Junipero Serra, is buried. The grounds are lovely and were certainly Serra's choice for living out his final days.

Beach sports such as kayaking and surfing are popular on the Carmel City and State beaches. The sand is the consistency of sugar in many places and feels incredibly soft and inviting to run your feet through. While the weather tends toward cool for sunbathing, the months of August through September provide averages of 70 degrees and the temperature has actually peaked at 104 in a record setting day!

According the State of City report, Carmel considers itself a primarily residential city, though its mantra remains, "heads on beds". Short-term events that draw overnight visitors or events that will entice day-trippers to return for a longer stay continue to be the focus to increase revenue for the city coffers. Tourism is the 2nd largest fund generator for Carmel. New lights for the median on Ocean Avenue so that the town looks more inviting at night and national media attention are credited with helping to draw more tourists. Conde Nast Traveler listed Carmel as one of the 10 places to visit in the U.S.; Architectural Digest featured a home on Scenic Road, and the press just keeps rolling on in a place that journalists love. The MST free trolley ran its circular route through Carmel during the summer and Christmas holidays, helping to improve accessibility to the city's top attractions.


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