Carmel by the Sea, California Monterey Bay


Carmel by the Sea, Calif. weather is ideal for those who hate heat. Who needs it? You'll seldom see or feel the heat in Carmel, a seaside city on the Central California Coast just south of the Bay Area. Fog is common in the area and predictable sunshine comes later in the summer season. The peak for weather (weddings) and travel is August through October.

Mornings can take on a chill in both the winter and summer months, nearly indistinguishable to some visitors. The weather differences can seem subtle to many who are surprised the coast is so cool and even chilly. Average day time highs in the summer peak at 71 degrees from August to September.  Winter daytime highs are around 10 degrees cooler at 60 degrees. And, thanks to the Pacific Ocean, the night time temperatures are not too drastic or cold. They range from low 60s in the summer months to low 50s in the winter season.

Rainfall is scant in the summer months of May through September. The heaviest rainfall is usually experienced in January when you may see 4 inches of rain or more during a single month.

As for the ocean, tourists want to know the ocean temperatures, to plan for possible swimming and water sports. Measured in Pacific Grove, Carmel's next door neighbor,  in September the ocean temp peaks at around 57 degrees, and in the coldest month, January, you'll see it drop to 53 degrees.


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