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Published on: December 12, 2015


REVIEW: The Extreme MO magicOpener for Bottles and Cans

Stocking-stuffer shoppers in search of popular items have no doubt seen touch screen-friendly winter gloves, carrying cases for your electronics and lightweight travel products. There are foot creams, flashlights, and all sorts of gadgets you’d never know exist — such as the The Extreme MO magicOpener for bottles and cans. For those who like the feel of popping open a stubborn pop top can, or unscrewing the plastic lid off a bottle that won’t budge, knock yourself out. I watched a YouTube video and read reviews about magicOpener and had one shipped to my home. The magicOpener is an affordable gift that has come to the rescue for us and now sits on the fridge next to the ice dispenser. It might be just what you need for the holidays. See:

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