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LOS GATOS, Images of America Book Review

Published on: November 26, 2019


The first time I drove through Los Gatos, Calif. on one of my visits during Winter Break from a university in the Midwest, I thought I’d found paradise. It was beautiful! I was fascinated with the town’s name (though I wasn’t exactly sure how locals pronounced it.)  This beguiling place is the subject of a book, IMAGES OF AMERICA: LOS GATOS, by author Peggy Conaway. Our very own contributor, author & historian Craig MacDonald, grew up in the region and has written a review with an insider’s perspective.

“In Los Gatos, urbanism meets wilderness, mountain meets plain, foothills extend in every direction;” and “…the sea in  the healing fogs coming over the coast,” is a quote from author Conaway, who was former director of the Los Gatos Public Library. MacDonald describes her as “not only an excellent historian but a wonderful wordsmith.”


  • Hume Ranch had the largest prune orchard in the world!
  • In 1900, Zephyr Macabee invented a gopher trap that’s still used today.
  • Neta Snook was a pioneer pilot, who gave Amelia Earhart her first flying lesson!
  • John Steinbeck created the award-winning, Of Mice & Men and The Grapes of Wrath, while living in the area.
  • In 1898, local women put together the first ladies band in the West.
  • Local baseball player Frankie Crosetti ended up as one of the greatest New York Yankees ever.

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