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Mammoth Motocross Claimed to Be Oldest U.S. Motocross Race

Published on: June 25, 2012

Motocross is as old as the hills –almost. From the early 1900’s to today, people have been racing motorcycles on enclosed dirt tracks, though not so much in the U.S. until the 1960’s. That’s when motocross racing was introduced to California, and within 2 short years a premier track was built at Mammoth Lakes, along with a motocross racing event that set the pace for California sports enthusiasts. Over 40 years and many tracks later California is considered one of the most exciting places to race, but the Mammoth Motocross still is considered the oldest, longest running race in the U.S.

By shear population alone we breed the largest number of youngsters that growing into the motocross sport. You’ll find tracks scattered throughout California where a variety of race organizations host annual events that allow up & comers to work their way to the top.

Mammoth Motocross  (which runs through July 1, 2012) is literally at the top of motocross racing.  Its 8,000 foot elevation and forested venue provides exhilarating surroundings for racers and crowds that watch. Not limited to one gender, you’ll see women and girls on the track proving their stuff this week in Mammoth.  It’s one of the exciting mountain events you’ll find this summer in the Eastern Sierras, where there’s something going on nearly every day of the week at Mammoth Lakes. Like Lake Tahoe, Mammoth has plenty of events and excitement planned for the 4th of July, too!  (

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