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Skip the Sudafed and go for the Mandarin Oranges

Published on: November 21, 2013


FACT:  10 oz. of mandarin juice contains the same amount of synephrine as a Sudafed decongestant tablet.

This weekend Californians will be heading for the mountains to get their fresh-picked mandarin oranges at the annual Mandarin Festival in Auburn. Along with free samples, food vendors, craft booths and entertainment, the big draw is direct access to growers (many are certified organic) who promise you the sweetest produce on the planet. The fertile Sierra Nevada foothills offer the ideal climate  for growing mandarins that can be shipped direct at reasonable prices.  The seasonal fruit which is in its peak right now,  is highly susceptable to frost so must be picked before a cold snap.

We’ve been buying the shriveled and dull tasting mandarins in places such as Trader Joe’s and had to quit buying them several months ago because they were bland tasting and unappealing. The fall crop of mandarins grown in California are so popular that many companies actually sell out their inventory. If you can’t make it to the festival, get your shipment while they are still available.

Some California growers who ship– prices were obtained from merchant websites on November 21, 2013 and are not guaranteed:

  • S & J Mandarin Grove Organic –  9-10lb – $34
  • Chaffin Family Orchards grows Satsuma Mandarin Oranges – 14lb – $42 shipping included
  • Morse Mandarin Farms – 8lb -$27, 14lb – $42
  • Newcastle Mandarin Ranch –  10lb – $34
  • Side Hill Citrus organic mandarins –, call for shipping, prices
  • Tri-L Mandarin Ranch – 10-11lb – $40


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