Auburn Mandarin Festival


AUBURN Mandarin Festival November 22-24, 2019

Gold Country Fairgrounds
1273 High St.
Auburn, CA
$admission, parking approx. fees

A Mandarin Recipe cooking contest, professional chef demonstrations, food, artisan crafts, and activities featuring the Mandarin orange, a Peel & Eat contest, live music and entertainment are focused on the region's healthy crop. Smell the citrus in the air and discover chocolate-covered fresh Mandarins, Mandarin pizza, pulled pork, and English Scones with Mandarin Curd. Visitors can take home Mandarin BBQ sauces, syrups, olive oils, dressings and dozens of other Mandarin inspired concoctions.

Contests: Best Mandarin Contest

Hans Anderson | Placer Sheriff K-9 Demo | Dream the Dreamer |The Magic of Frank Thurston | Meet & Greet Sadi the Balloon Lady | Jorden the Science Wizard | Magic of Frank Thurston | Meet & Greet Miss Mandarin Rose | Tony Quinn

Contests: Kids Peel & Eat (12 and under) | Adults Peel & Eat | Mini Mandarin Donut eating (12 people) | Sugar Plump Fairies present Miss Mandarin $ 1.98 Pageant

Contests: Mandarin Funnel Cake eating (10 people) | Mini Mandarin Donut eating contest

Some of the sweetest mandarin fruit comes from the golden hills of Placer County, California east of Sacramento. The annual Mandarin Festival in Auburn celebrates the crop with an outdoor / indoor event containing thousands of mandarin recipes in contests, foods you can buy and eat, and sweet 10 pound bags of mandarins to take home with you.

The annual Mountain Mandarin Festival showcases olive oils with cold pressed mandarin flavor, Absolut Vodka with mandarin, and many other incredible gourmet products sold by vendors at the event. Food samples, food booths, great bands, an an entire kids village with miniature train rides, balloon art, face painting and contests, allow visitors to enjoy the local bounty , and get a head start on holiday shopping.

Founded by Joanne Neft who was convinced the local mandarin industry and delicious fruit was being overlooked by bigger interests, the entrepreneur launched the festival but also helped grow a local industry vital to the region's desire to maintain healthy lifestyles.

Neft is credited with not only launching Mountain Mandarin Festival, but also getting the study done to determine mandarin's benefits, if any, compared to the more traditional fruits such as oranges. When results were released, local farms nearly instantly sold out of their produce for the season. The interest in mandarins provided just enough boots to encourage local families and farms that what they were doing had value.

Results of Study

A little known fact is that 10 oz of mandarin juice contains as much synephrine as a Sudafed decongestant tablet. Placer's popular Owari Satsuma mandarins pack a jolt of synephrine, a natural antihistamine that relieves cold and allergy symptoms.

Perhaps that's why everyone seems so healthy and happy at the annual Mandarin Festival held annually in Auburn. Placer County mandarins tested contained up to six times more of the healthy stuff than oranges.

The Mountain Mandarin Festival gets approx. 40,000 visitors to Gold Country Fairgrounds where the event is held annually to coincide with the fall crop. There are approx. 65 registered growers in Placer County who generally sell out their crops each year, thanks to people finding out about the health benefits of the fruit.

In taste tests, people also preferred the sweet flavor of mandarins to oranges and other fruits.

Some Mountain Mandarin Festival Mandarin Growers:

Ann's Orchard Certified Organic
4595 Godley Road, Lincoln CA 95648

Colwell's Thundering Herd Ranch
2500 Penryn Road, Penryn CA 95663

Highland Orchard, Inc.
2170 Aguilar Lane, Penryn CA 95663

Hillcrest Orchard
956 Clark Tunnel Road, Penryn CA 95663

Magnolia Hill
7370 Ridge Road, Newcastle CA 95658

Miller Honey Mandarins
80 Geraldson Road, Newcastle CA 95658

Newcastle Mandarin Ranch
3219 Hector Road, Newcastle CA 95658

Palm crest Orchards
1743 Palmcrest Lane, Penryn CA 95663

S & J Mandarin Grove Certified Organic
145 Uncle Joes Lane, Newcastle CA 95658

Side Hill Citrus Certified Organic
4065 Pleasant Hill Road, Lincoln CA 95648

Snow's Citrus Court − We ship
9860 Powerhouse Road, Newcastle CA 95658

Sunset Ridge Mandarins
7825 Fox Hill Lane, Newcastle CA 95658

Traylor Ranch Mandarins
7745 Law Lane, Loomis CA 95650

Westview Growers
3550 Taylor Road, Loomis CA 95650

Willow Creek Ranch − We ship!
1301 Clark Tunnel Road, Penryn CA 95663

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