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As tourists, many know Loomis for its annual events held at the Blue Goose Fruit Shed, an historic packing house for fruits and vegetables that once were abundantly grown and shipped throughout the nation from the region. California Fruit Exchange built a fruit packing shed located at Taylor and King Roads in Loomis in 1945, collecting peaches, plums and pears from local farmers during the summer. The fruit was sorted, packed and shipped nationwide. Bringing back the produce tradition, the Blue Goose launched Loomis Farmers Market. Farm or homegrown fruits, vegetables, nuts, value-added products or handcrafted items can sell their goods. Saturday, June 4, at the Blue Goose Fruit Shed. Contact Mark at Blue Goose Produce, 652-8341.

Today, Loomis continues the farming tradition with some of its residents growing on their fertile lands. The town also enjoys a retirement audience, and families seeking to get away from larger cities and live in a more rural environment. Loomis cherishes its natural assets and the town organization spends a lot of time discussing ways to maintain the more natural approach to doing things.

Loomis Basin is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and shares the the geography with other towns nearby-- Penryn and Newcastle. South Placer County where you'll find Loomis, happens to be one of the fastest growing regions in California and in it has also ranked high in the U.S.

Unlike fast-growing neighbors such as Roseville, Loomis seeks to minimize growth. Many urban dwellers love the town's charm, and can't help but want to escape to this oasis of good living. It is only 30 minutes east of Sacramento along the I-80 corridor, which means it is possible to commute from Loomis into the city.

Loomis enjoys all the amenities that make a town a livable, friendly place for families--schools, library, parks, churches, and even a golf course, offer recreational activities for all ages.

The original, old-fashioned soda fountain located in Main Drug on Taylor Road is one of the unique attractions that allows you to roll back the clock and feel as if you're visiting the Old West town from which Loomis sprang forth.

Franklin School Community Park
7050 Franklin School Road, Loomis CA 95650

synthetic turf soccer
baseball field
shade trees
Reservations accepted (ball field)

Loomis Basin Community Park
6909 King Road Loomis CA 95650

ball fields
horseshoe pits
Reservations accepted (ball fields)

Loomis Basin Community Park South Side
3550 Ong (Winters) Road, Loomis CA 95650

ball fields
basketball court
horseshoe pits
bicycle/pedestrian trails
equestrian arena.
Reservations accepted

Sterling Pointe Park
4570 Lake Forest Drive, Loomis CA 95650

ball field
Reservations accepted (ball field)

Sterling Pointe Equestrian Staging Area
4570 Lake Forest Drive, Loomis CA 95650

Facilities: parking facility
access to area trails

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