Loomis, CA Weather and Rainfall Averages


If you're planning a trip to Loomis, might not be a bad idea to count on some summer heat. With average daytime highs that reach around 95 degrees in July & August, Loomis's location on the Sierra foothill slopes doesn't assure for cool days and cooler nights.

In 1972 you may have thought twice about visiting Loomis when the temperature reached an all time high of 115 degrees Fahrenheit, and that same year the record low dipped to a cold 16 degrees.

Most the time the weather is quite pleasant, and we like to reserve our visits to the off-tourist season mid-September to October when rainfall is scant (no more than half an inch, tops)  and the air temperatures are 70s to 80s.

Like any place in California, you should bring layers of clothes such as jackets for early morning, then begin pealing off the layers and the day heats up. Cooler nights require you find those layers and put them back on again. That's the desirable aspect to Loomis weather.


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