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Ah, the Sweet Smell of Mandarins!

Published on: November 18, 2019


This weekend hundreds or maybe even thousands of people will flock to the annual Auburn Mandarin Festival at Gold Country Fairgrounds. While the majority of Californians won’t get to taste and sample this delicious, seasonal fruit, they can buy mandarins at their local stores and enjoy the benefits of something that not only tastes good, but packs a punch for some sinus problems.

At the festival you can sample and buy fresh bags of mandarins, enter the peeling & eating contest and head for the chefs’ demos, but for those who simply want to enjoy this citrus fruit that looks like a small orange, you may be able to find it at local markets and be able to buy mandarins grown in the fertile Sierra Nevada foothills. The region provides the ideal climate for growing mandarins that can also be shipped direct to your home. In its peak right now, the mandarin crop is highly susceptible to frost so must be picked before a cold snap.

And now, the benefits:  10 ounces of mandarin juice contains as much synephrine as a Sudafed decongestant tablet!


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