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Mardi Gras Sizzles

Published on: February 17, 2019


Pictured: Mardi Gras, California style

Life is one Big Party in California where we go from holidays to festivals — seamlessly celebrating each week’s favored dances, food & drinks — while donning appropriate apparel or finery for the occasion.

Upcoming events such as Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day are several “Red Letter Days” celebrated  throughout the state. While Mardi Gras, which falls on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, isn’t one of the state’s biggest, it still offers enough partying for those who choose to stay home rather than travel to New Orleans or Rio where it takes place on a grand scale. You won’t find anything that quite compares with those massive gatherings but in California you can still samba and wear beads.

Mardi Gras Happenings

  • Arcadia’s Mardi Gras at Santa Anita Racetrack March 2
  • Calistoga’s Evangeline Mardi Gras Celebration March 9, 2019
  • Clarksburg’s Brazilian Carnaval at the Old Sugar Mill March 2
  • El Centro’s Mardi Gras Light Parade & Street Festival February 23
  • Long Beach Mardi Gras Parade at Rainbow Harbor – Shoreline Village March 2, free
  • Long Beach Mardi Gras Krewe Ball March 9 at Queen Mary
  • Oakland Mardi Gras at The New Parish March 5
  • Redondo Beach Brazilian Carnaval March 2 produced by Brazilian Nites at Samba
  • Sacramento Old Town Mardi Gras Festival and free Mardi Bark Parade March 2
  • San Diego Hillcrest Mardi Gras March 5
  • San Diego Gaslamp Mardi Gras Beads Bites and Booze
  • San Francisco’s Mardi Gras in the Fillmore March 5
  • San Francisco Mission District’s Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Carnaval March 5, free to all!
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