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Published on: February 18, 2019


When Adam Levine’s Super Bowl appearance sparked mostly negative response about his body art and tattoos, some said we’ve reached the tipping point where tattoos are no longer cool. Don’t tell that to the tattoo artists at some 20,000 parlors nationwide.

Estimates as to how many Americans have tattoos range from 30-60%, and there’s no denying that some must hide them when applying for jobs, which could account for the lack of accurate numbers. Here’s what the industry touts: Approx. $1.65 billion is spent annually on tattoos in the U.S. The most common place for a tattoo in women is ankle (27%) and  upper back shoulder (34%) in men.  32% of people with tattoos claim that they are addicted to ink — that’s the target audience for tattoo festivals, expos and conventions!

California Tattoo Festivals

  • SANTA ROSA: Santa Rosa Tattoos and Blues February 22-24, 2019 at Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa features bands performing, world-renowned tattoo artists and contests.
  • OROVILLE: Feather Falls Tattoo Expo Feb.22-24 at Feather Falls Casino.
  • COSTA MESA: Musink March 8-10 at Orange County Fairgrounds has a Low N Slow Car Show and hard rock & punk performances featuring Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Kennedys and other known groups of the genre.
  • BURLINGAME: Bay Area Tattoo Convention May 17-19 promises “exciting entertainment!”
  • MONTEREY: Ink at the Bay Tattoo Festival June 7-9 at Monterey County Fairgrounds includes daily contests.
  • SAN DIEGO: San Diego Tattoo Invitational June 28-30 at San Diego Concourse Golden Hall attracts over 5,000 attendees.
  • SOUTH LAKE TAHOE – STATELINE, NV: Tahoe Tattoo Show July 19-21 is at Harrah’s Casino Lake Tahoe.
  • VENTURA: Seaside Tattoo Show September 6-8 takes place at Ventura County Fairgrounds.
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