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Modernism in Palm Springs

Published on: February 09, 2019


Just visiting Palm Springs won’t necessarily give you insight into what “modernism” is. In general, modernism is considered a philosophical movement rejecting old ideas and styles. As it applies to Palm Springs (or any) architecture, it’s generally considered rejection of ornamentation while embracing minimalism. As the most notable movement in 20th century architecture, its impact can be seen in some homes in the Southern California desert where celebrities gravitated decades ago.

Building dream escapes for the whose who of Hollywood, architects used modernistic styles featuring plenty of sunshine, a tendency towards a white or a neutral palettes, open plan interiors that feel spacious, and minimal ornamentation. The Elvis  Honeymoon Hideaway is an attraction at 1530 Ladera Circle, advertised as available for tours daily by appointment.

Palm Springs Modernism Week (Feb.14-24, 2019) is one of the premier events and destinations to learn about, immerse yourself in and enjoy Modernism. Among the many tours and highlights are Palm Springs Modernism Show and Sale, tours of iconic homes in more than 30 neighborhoods, architectural walking, biking and double-decker bus tours, tours of the historic Annenberg Estate at Sunnylands, a classic car show, garden tours, nightly parties, and a special series of compelling and informative talks. Most events are offered through ticket pre-sales, and there are still many, many tour options available just days before the festival begins.

Palm Springs Modernism Week

  • Vintage Trailer Show Feb.23-24, 2019
  • Modernism Show & Sale Feb.15-18 at the Convention Center
  • Film Screenings Feb.22-24
  • Show House: The Christopher Kennedy Compound
  • Hollywood Modern, The Houses of the Stars: featuring Gary Cooper House, Bob Hope and many more!
  • Frank Sinatra’s Neighborhood


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