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Oscar Follies and Faux Pas

Published on: February 22, 2015


They say the best part of the Academy Awards is criticizing Oscar night. The 87th Oscars offered few surprises–the top picks for best actor, actress and movie were realized on Sunday night. Here are several observations from critics:

1. Columnist Drew Magary:

  • Boyhood. I don’t need three hours to watch a child age.
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel. Oh, hey, it’s Wes Anderson using production money to create a human dollhouse again.
  • Eddie Redmayne. Finally, someone nailed the Stephen Hawking origin story. I don’t know about you, but when he gets in that chair and you hear the robot voice boot up … CHILLS DOWN THE SPINE.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch. Hey, this movie is A Beautiful Mind! 
  • Michael Keaton’s heartwarming comeback–He has spent the past decade sitting on a mountain of gold kruggerands, vacationing in the Seychelles, and doing the occasional voiceover job. It’s not like he went to prison or anything. And this entire movie is meta-commentary on how hard it is to be someone who got to play Batman! That is strictly a showbiz problem.
  • Julianne Moore can win all the Oscars she likes. She’ll still be most famous for doing the world’s worst Boston accent on camera.

2. Lady Gaga’s arm tattoos during her musical tribute to “The Sound of Music” evoked disturbing images of  the era in which Julie Andrews (appearing on stage after the performance) portrayed Maria, who fled Austria with the Von Trapp family during the Nazi takeover. Tattoos were forced on women’s (and men’s) arms in concentration camps. One critic asked, “Can’t Lady Gaga at least cover her arms?”

3. Donald Trump: What ever happened to the good old days of The Academy Awards. This show is an insult to the past, just plain bad! Worst graphics and stage backdrop ever at the Oscars.

4. Twitter reacts in anger: Why was Joan Rivers left out of the Oscars In Memoriam segment?

5. It boggles the mind and is an absolute shame that Selma was robbed, missing nominations in numerous categories.


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