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Point Arena Cool Escape from California Heat Wave

Published on: August 18, 2012

Pictured is the Point Arena Lighthouse and a guy in a kilt closing the gate at this California light station in a city with a  population of under 500 people!

While much of California bakes in the summer heat, the temperature on the Northern California coast in Point Arena may reach 70 degrees today, and best of all, there’s no rain in sight! The 5 day forecast never quite reaches 70 degrees during the upcoming days. Flowers grow abundantly, birds sing, raccoons scavenge for food and deer munch on tall grasses around town in Point Arena where you can stay in the local hotel, Wharfmaster’s Inn, overlooking the harbor and Point Arena Pier. It is very relaxed–and cool! Among the attractions are the lighthouse, coastal hikes, and the B.Bryan Preserve where you can also stay.

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