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Rude to Be Nude on California Beaches?

Published on: February 22, 2015


Pictured is a beach near the Golden Gate Bridge Beach or Marshall’s in San Francisco with a sign posted: ATTENTION….BEYOND THIS POINT YOU MAY ENCOUNTER NUDE BATHERS. It is frequented by nude sunbathers.

Is it Rude to Be Nude on California Beaches?
Answer: In most cases it is against the law!

This month a Boy Scout troop inadvertently ended up at a Black’s nude beach at Torrey Pines (San Diego County.) It’s not an easy feat to find nude beaches in Southern California, much less accidentally run into one. However, there are a few remaining beaches in California where nudity is tolerated and they include Black’s, a popular and somewhat remote surfer beach where sunbathers like to go to hang out in the San Diego sun, pun intended. ┬áRead on about the nude beach status in California…>

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