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Singing for My Supper, The Greatest Self Help Book Ever Written

Published on: May 28, 2012

Photos, left to right: Author/musician Phil Hardy singing “Editions of You,” Roxy Music, with The Virgins circa 1977; Hardy and fellow band members of New Blues Revolution at American Music Awards.

New Book Review  By C. MacDonald

HOLLYWOOD, CA–Writing from the heart and soul, exposing your warts, along with your achievements, offering advice to smooth the trail for others, and expressing a sense of humor while doing it, is not easy. Yet Phil Hardy, a good humored, sometimes spitfire Hollywood drummer/singer in bands that sizzled in the famous Whiskey, Troubadour, Starwood, Madame Wongs, Gazzaris and Club 88, manages to pull it off in this entertaining and insightful book that’s woven part self-help, autobiography, novel, shock and humor.

“SINGING FOR MY SUPPER, The Greatest Self Help Book Ever Written”, will suck you in.¬† In the first pages, Hardy’s humor oozes like fresh syrup on a pancake…read more>

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