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Remembering a Great Country and a Great California!

Published on: May 27, 2012

On Memorial Weekend the sun is shining in California, temperatures are mild and pleasant (even in the desert) and people are celebrating the launch of summer. It’s a great time to look forward to our big 4th of July, flag-waving celebrations and also reflect on all the brave and daring souls who fought to create an independent U.S. Many fought with their lives to become free from taxation from the Brits, free from rule by Spain and Mexico, free from slavery and free to be an American citizen and a Californian, if we like.

Those freedoms have changed and many freedoms have eroded away. But on this special Memorial Weekend, take time to think about all those who helped us get this unique opportunity to enjoy the California beaches, mountains, sunshine and the life that we cherish in our Golden State!

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