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Turn, Turn, Turn, A Boat for Every Purpose and Season in Long Beach, California

Published on: May 27, 2012

Pictures above are from our Long Beach Boat Gallery.

Long Beach, the Aquatic Capital of the U.S.,  launches its ever popular Aqualink this weekend offering two types of service, the “full Monty” with stops between Alamitos Landing, Belmont Pier, Queen Mary and Aquarium of the Pacific and the Express Service.  The 2nd offering is a quick 30-35 minute ride on the high-speed Catamaran water taxi between Alamitos Landing and Aquarium of the Pacific. Wanna take a ride? Each time you board it costs $5. Long Beach is nothing without its boats.

Long Beach Boats:

  • Nation’s top shipping harbor (along with Port of L.A.)
  • Largest municipal marina in the U.S. that can moor over 4,000 craft
  • Year round water taxis and seasonal high-speed taxis during summer months
  • Only cruise ocean-liner attraction in the U.S., the Queen Mary museum & hotel and restaurant
  • Sabot sailboat was invented in Naples
  • Fleet of gondolas for pleasure rides through Italian-styled canals around Naples Island
  • Cruise ship for trips to Baja Mexico
  • Harbor for small craft enjoyment
  • Launching for jetskis on Granada Beach and Marine Stadium
  • Water skiing in Marine Stadium
  • Rowing club facilities and Olympic Marine Stadium for races
  • Dragon Boat Races
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