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If Cupid is Stupid, Why is Valentine’s Day So Popular?

Published on: February 10, 2020


Statistics show that Californians have a higher than average divorce rate of U.S. states (Nevada’s divorce rate tops the list,) and Orange County, Calif. is among the highest counties in the U.S., which ranks third globally for divorce. Romantics surround us however, as Valentine’s gift buying and giving is up this year with people giving presents to even their cat, bird or dog!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, crew listened to people’s stories about love, loss and broken hearts.

One gorgeous, blonde Iranian nurse broke out in tears as she pined over a boyfriend 7 years younger. The man broke up with her recently at his mother’s urging.

An Asian woman shared her fears of living life alone after a failed marriage. No one would be there to help if she fell ill, but mainly she wanted a child and her biological clock was ticking.

Stories about love are timeless. Just visit world-class art museums such as L.A.’s Getty where you can see famous cupid themed works like Venus Reclining on a Sea Monster with Cupid, by English artist John Deare (1759 – 1798). This masterpiece involves a tale of a mischievous cupid!

California’s Stupid Cupid Valentine’s Day events include “Mortified,” an extravaganza where people celebrate and commiserate with stories of past V-Days gone wrong. Head for Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego and Hollywood to get on board.

Be sure to love yourself this Valentine’s Day. Buy yourself a gift you’d like, celebrate with friends–and realize that no one is certain if the classic Cupid, depicted as a winged-messenger, was intended as a sarcastic comment on the similarities between warfare and romance. On the other hand, maybe Cupid offers a reminder that love conquers all.




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