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The Tech Museum 3D Print Jam

Published on: January 29, 2015


There’s nothing particularly sleek or elegant about the look of the latest 3D printers but their potential is what’s rocking the world. In Japan researchers are on the fast track to creating body parts using 3D print technology.  Let your imagination go wild at The Tech 3D Print Jam as you concoct a design and see if yours is selected for printing on Monday, Feb. 16, 2015 in San Jose, Calif. Visitors are invited to learn how to make anything they want –some lucky person may win a 3D printer! Find out about TinkerCAD, a free browser-based design software that allows beginners and experts to create ready-to-print designs; experience the layering process that 3D printers utilize; meet passionate volunteers who use 3D printing to make prosthetic hands (and also see sample prosthetics); and find out how 3D is changing the face of printing.  The Tech Museum of Innovation ( in downtown San Jose also shows incredible IMAX films, and is filled with unique exhibits and hands-on displays. The birthplace of some of the greatest inventions on the planet, be sure to also visit Silicon Valley’s Computer History Museum in Mountain View on your next trip to the high-tech destination.

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