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Trunk or Treat Can’t Be Beat

Published on: October 11, 2019


For many Californians their car is their home. While some people sadly sleep in their cars because they are homeless, others spend more time in their cars than their houses, commuting to and from work up to 6 hours per day (30 hours per week–practically a full time job!) That’s not counting trips to get the kids, pick up the groceries, buying gas, and picking up fast food meals consumed on the road.

How often does someone give you a ride and apologize for all the stuff in their 2nd (car) home? If you ever look around there are usually empty water bottles, books, papers, clothes, electronics and all kinds of creature comforts required for daily living on the road.

And that’s not even counting those weekend drive trips to see San Diego, head for the mountains or desert, go to a concert, enjoy a festival or invitation to see family and friends who don’t live nearby.

That’s one reason Trunk or Treat Halloween trick or treating events are so popular. Cars are one of Californians’ favorite places to hang out. Why not show off your “digs”?

Trunk or Treat 101

While the concept of Trunk or Treating flies in the face of all common sense training we tell our kids — don’t talk to strangers, don’t go near their cars, and definitely never go to a stranger’s car and take candy or other objects offered — somehow Trunk or Treat has become a mainstream, safe alternative to Trick or Treating.

Parking lots, playgrounds and enclosed spaces are the preferred locations.

Participant cars & candy givers are typically vetted.

Themed decor is required — a thousand websites offer Trunk or Treat decorating ideas.

California Trunk or Treating – list



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