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Turtle Bay Museum Sensational Summer Extravaganza

Published on: June 07, 2013


REDDING, CALIF.–One of the brightest attractions between San Diego and the Oregon border is just a stone’s throw from I-5 in Redding. Next to the spectacular Sundial Bridge is the must-see Turtle Bay Museum which overlooks the bridge, the bay and McConnell Arboretum, part of Turtle Bay Exploration Park.  Exploring is key to experiencing the sensations, sights and sounds at the amazing museum where travelers of all ages are welcome to take a different kind of journey. The museum’s award winning exhibits are an extravaganza of entertainment!

Special exhibits featured at Turtle Bay Museum include:

  • THE ART OF THE BRICK through September 2, 2013: Nathan Sawaya’s The Art of the Brick®, described by CNN as one of the top12 exhibitions in the world,  features  large-scale sculptures created with LEGO® bricks. You have to see it to believe it!
  • WALK ON THE WILD SIDE ANIMAL SHOW through September 2, 2013:  Watch a fox use its tail to balance on a narrow edge. Marvel as a hawk flies inches from your head in a fun-filled educational wildlife show.
  • MATH MIDWAY through September 29, 2013:  Ride a square-wheeled tricycle and find out why it works. Experience the marvelous and creative world of mathematics in carnival form from the Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) in New York.

Turtle Bay Museum and Exploration Park is open daily. In several exhibit halls you’ll see rotating and permanent exhibitions with informational, hands-on displays, a museum gift store with keepsake souvenirs, and coffee bar for ‘pick-me-up’ libations.

Getting there:  Exit Interstate 5 at Central Redding Exit 678 (known as 678B from the north); drive on Hwy 44 West to Exit 1– Sundial Bridge / Auditorium Drive; Turn right to Turtle Bay Exploration Park. For information, call: 1-800-887-8532, or visit

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