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Victoria Street Beach, Sweet Among 25 Laguna Beaches

Published on: May 06, 2012

Californians and visitors will flock to California beaches by the millions this summer, and it is officially time for you to go ahead and buy that swimsuit or trunks! With summer just around the bend, Laguna Beach has plenty of beaches to celebrate the season with. A rough estimate of the named beaches in the south Orange County, Calif. destination is around 25. Practically every street has a beach named after it,  including Victoria Street Beach located just down the road from the Rooftop Lounge at an historic hotel with surf themed designer rooms.

Most of Laguna’s beaches are at the base cliffs with sets of stairs providing access–Victoria being no exception. The tucked away beach is in a residential and vacation rental neighborhood where parking is minimal, so just follow the crowds and park on the other side of Pacific Coast Highway. If you wonder why visitors flock to Victoria Street Beach, it offers Normal Rockwell appeal rather than an Eastenders-Queen Vic rough edge. Family friendly, intimate, and picturesque, the soothing ocean with its colorful green and blue waters helps people relax and live those summer days to the max.

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