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Laguna Beach Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach isn't typically packed (though it is small) because there's simply little or no parking nearby for the public. Located down a sloped cement path and set of steps somewhat obscured, you can find the beach on a busy day by following the people descending with launch chairs, sun umbrellas and beach equipment.

There are a few beach cottage rentals in the area but mostly residential properties lining this gorgeous little beach separated like many intimate Laguna beaches with rock formations that create coves. The rocks actually continue out into the water, too. See video of Victoria Beach!

Victoria Beach is located at the end of Victoria Street, a short stroll from Casa Laguna Hotel. Home to La Tour, Victoria Beach, contains a unique tower built in 1926, designed as a spiraling staircase from precipitous cliffs. It looks like an early Victorian lighthouse or turret of a 16th century castle.

The highlight to this little beach is the soft, mellow sand and beach vibe with a very family atmosphere, blue-green water and impressive residences.

There are sand volleyball courts located at the north and south ends of the beach, body surfing, diving, fishing and even paddleboarding & skimboarding, both really popular in Laguna Beach.

Hazards and rip conditions are not to be ignored. If you have kids, keep an eye on them and make sure the waters are not under rip conditions. Small rip currents set up in various places along the entire stretch of beach and should be avoided by children (a rip tide is noticeable by the color of the water--usually a murky brown compared to the water that surrounds it. The rock area to the north is popular with fishermen and explorers, but can become unsafe during surf or high tide conditions. Use common sense and think about the tides, and most of all, keep yourself and your kids safe.