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Laguna Beach List

Bluebird Beach - Laguna Beach is one of near 30 beaches in a seven mile stretch of beaches. Bluebird Beach is named for bluebirds that used to frequent the beach and nearby Bluebird Canyon. There are fewer on the beaches these days and more in the canyons, but what you will see on visits to this beach are spectacular sunsets.

This is not a surfing beach, but more of a sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing place for guests to unwind. Bluebird Beach is in front of the Surf and Sand Hotel at the base of Bluebird Canyon. The ramp that leads down to the beach is located at the corner of South Coast Highway and Bluebird Canyon.

This beach is popular with guests of the hotel as well as local residents. Most of Bluebird Beach is a sandy stretch with a strong shore break wave that is popular with body surfers. There are also several small reefs on the southern end of the beach that are popular with body boarders, but should be avoided by swimmers. Inn at Laguna Beach is a nearby hotel.

Each evening brings a different surprise so that you never know what to expect in terms of colors of the sky and lighting that reflects on the ocean and sand. The lighting brings out artists who try to capture the colors and moods of these special times. Note that the photo above showing a surfer walking along the waterline at sunset is not surfing at this beach, but merely passing through.