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San Pedro, Calif.--There are only four times each year that you can hear the sound of the big bell that has no clapper, but is rung by a large wooden stick applied to its massive surface. 

This Friendship Bell was given to Los Angeles by the Republic of Korea in 1976 to commemorate the American veterans of the Korean War. The bell weighs 17 tons and stands 12 feet tall. While a visit to the bell isn't on the top of the majority of tourists' lists, it certainly makes for a great visit when combined with other attractions nearby in San Pedro. The port, the Red Car, Cabrillo Beach, and several museums all offer a day of entertainment. San Pedro, a community of the city of Los Angeles, is experiencing a renovation of the old buildings. The port also has plans to infuse cool hard cash for upgraded, larger seaport digs for cruise ships, hoping to make this one of the "in" places once again.

San Pedro is home to the Port of Los Angeles, the cruise ship port, Angel's Gate, Point Fermin, Fort MacArthur, and amazing ethnic eateries. Steeped in history, one can't help but find San Pedro an interesting place to take a drive and explore.

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