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While nature offers stunning sights throughout Sequoia / Kings Canyon National Parks, home to the world's biggest trees and the Nation's Christmas Tree, there's another gem in the woods, tucked away in the Sierra Nevada mountains that requires even a little more effort to get to than the big trees. Crystal Cave involves a hike to access, and there is no handicap access to tour it. Nevertheless, the extremely popular attraction often sells out its tours with one of the most strenuous being the favorite. The 4 hour Adventure Tour costs the most to participate in and involves some physical exercise beyond the norm. But that is part of its incredible appeal. Here's the details (always subject to change, of course!)


This belly-crawling tour includes proper caving techniques, etiquette and conservation issues from experienced cavers.  Explore off-trail, crawl and climb through passage ways, over steep drop-offs and past intricate formations on a 4 to 6 hour tour within this marble cave.   This tour gives you the opportunity to learn about Sierran caves first hand. Your cave guide will explain how the delicate formations such as soda straws, rimstone dams and cave pearls are formed.   Experience total darkness and silence interrupted by the rhythmic sounds of dripping and flowing water.  Caving gear is provided as is the complimentary dirt & mud. Limited to ages 16 and older. 






Explorers Lantern Tour 

Tour length is 1.5 hours. Limited to 18 persons. Ages 12 and up. No flash photography. Not recommended for those who have trouble seeing in low light situations, or with mobility problems. Tickets may only be purchased at the Foothills or Lodgepole Visitor Center.

Candle lanterns guide you through Crystal Cave in a different light.  Each visitor is provided their own lantern as they tour this marble cave. First discovered in 1918 and opened to the public 70 years ago for tours you get to view the cave in much the same way that it looked to the first explorers with flickering candles and listen to the stories of discovery, exploration, development and restoration in this beautiful national park treasure.

Boyden Cave...See Drapery Room, Pancake Room, Upside Down City.  Tickets for the Walk Tour can be purchased at Boyden Cavern in Kings Canyon. Rappelling Tours and Canyoneering Tours must be reserved in advance. For more information, call (888) 965-8243 or email
Located along Kings Canyon Scenic Byway between Grant Grove and Cedar Grove, Boyden is a giant underground cavern featuring breathtaking geological formations. With its stalactites, stalagmites, a subterranean stream, and the famous Bat Grotto, Boyden Cavern, tours are offered during the summer months only.  45 minute daily Walk Tour,  half- and full-day Rappelling Tours and Canyoneering Tours take place in the cave's constant 53F. Sweaters or light jackets are recommended.

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