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World's Weirdest Places in California

If the name Devil's Gate Dam doesn't evoke images of spookiness, "there's nothing positive about any of the weirdness that's gone on there," says British author Nick Redfern in his latest book, The World's Weirdest Places . The author who's spent several decades as a journalist and author writing about unusual, odd, secret and even occult topics, included two California spots to his recent book.

About Devil's Gate Dam in Pasadena: "Located a few miles from Los Angeles, the canyon was a favorite haunt of notorious rocket scientist and occultist Jack Parsons, who was said to have performed arcane rituals there. Additionally, the area is home to a bridge where in less than a century, more than 100 people have thrown themselves off to their death in the river bed below, causing the landmark to be known by locals as suicide bridge," says Redfern.  In the 1950's, the location was the site of a series of grisly child killings. In modern times, Redfern has found reports of a "winged humanoid-type creature" in the area.

Devil's Gate Dam's most interesting history surrounds Jack Parsons, a famous rocket scientist and brain behind famed JPL and Aerojet. As a noted follower of Alistair Crowley he got involved of incantations at Devil's Gate. The brilliant scientist with occult interest would call for the Greek god Pan to invoke successful flight before each rocket launch. The maverick scientist with top secret clearance met a grisly end because of his association with Crowley, some say. He died a very violent death in June 1952 from a huge explosion in his lab in Pasadena as he tried to conjure up a humonculous, human creature.

California's other weird location is Mount Shasta where people have lived since 5000 BC. One native tribe talks about huge battle of 2 gods - god of underworld and god of sky. The battle took place above Mt. Shasta. Resculpted by powerful gods, was this some sort of ancient battle of hostile aliens? Beneath the mountain are magical realms. Have survivors of Atlantis made their way there? This theory has a massive following by those who study Lemuria and the 7 ft. tall highly spiritually developed beings? Could Mount Shasta be a surviving Lemuria?

There's lots of speculation juxtaposed with real facts and events in this interesting read--ideal subject matter for Halloween season!

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